Digital Marketing News: May 2024

Digital Marketing News: May 2024
Digital Marketing News: May 2024


New HubSpot Revenue Attribution Reports

HubSpot’s Smart CRM now integrates with LinkedIn, offering Revenue Attribution Reports. This newly available tool allows small businesses to attribute revenue to specific LinkedIn marketing activities. With these insights, you can identify high-impact campaigns and optimize resources. To get started, sync HubSpot with LinkedIn’s Business Manager and access key metrics like return on ad spend and average days to close.


AI-Powered Tools Enhance Creator and Reels Performance

Meta has introduced new AI features to boost Reels ad performance. Advertisers can now benefit from machine learning for creator recommendations, predictive AI for branded content, and enhanced image expansion in Reels. These tools save time and increase ad engagement. Plus, multi-destination product ads now provide a more dynamic shopping experience in Reels.

Reminder Ads on Instagram Reels

Instagram’s Reminder Ads have been updated to include external links. This allows advertisers to build anticipation for product launches or sales by linking directly to their sale pages. For example, a reminder ad can now guide customers to a sale page right before the sale ends.

Site Links in Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads now allow advertisers to add site links directly in ads. If Meta’s auto-detection does not find suitable links, you can manually add them. This could improve ad performance by driving more targeted traffic to specific web pages.

Instagram Recommends Restricting Length for Reels

Instagram revealed that posting Reels longer than 90 seconds can reduce reach. This new guideline suggests that shorter Reels perform better, influencing how marketers may plan their content – or could be a way for Instagram to encourage short content that increases their own overall view and impression metrics.


Google I/O 2024: AI Innovations

At Google I/O 2024, Google announced significant advancements in AI, improving search and advertising experiences. New AI overviews in Google Search Labs now offer detailed answers to complex queries, enhancing user interaction and content engagement.

Several new AI-powered tools were unveiled, including predictive conversion values for optimising bidding strategies and an AI-enhanced audience persona tool for discovering high-potential target audiences. These tools streamline campaign setup and improve ad performance.


TikTok World 2024: New Ad Solutions

TikTok has rolled out new tools to boost advertising performance. TikTok One, a centralized hub for creative tools, and TikTok Symphony, an AI-powered creative suite, are now available. These new solutions streamline content creation and improve campaign efficiency.

Performance Automation with TikTok Shop

TikTok Shop has introduced marketing optimization tools to automate bidding, budgeting, ad management, and creative processes. These enhancements focus on maximizing ROI by leveraging predictive automation and incorporating merchant costs.

X (Twitter)

AI Audiences for Ad Targeting

X has teased an upcoming launch for AI Audiences, a new feature that generates highly relevant user pools for ad targeting based on brief descriptions of the target audience. This tool intends to help advertisers quickly find their ideal audience.


Performance+ for Ad Campaigns

Amazon recently launched Performance+, a predictive model designed to optimize ad campaigns by simplifying setup, audience creation, and bid management. This tool targets both Amazon and non-Amazon sellers, enhancing conversion rates through efficient automation.


2024 Advertiser Pitch and AI Tools

YouTube’s latest upfront pitch includes new AI-powered optimization tools for non-skippable ads and updates to QR codes in ads. These enhancements aim to increase ad engagement and offer more efficient targeting options.

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