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A full-service email marketing agency.

Do you have 24/7 communication with your audience?

Email automation builds a relationship and retains your audience, keeping the conversation going while you sleep. We build email marketing machines that attract email leads, and automatically sells your product or service on autopilot, generating hundreds of thousands of subscribers per year for our clients. Email marketing has the highest ROI of any digital marketing channel. If you’re not sending, you’re losing revenue.

We work across every major email platform. Whether you’re a business looking for targeted lead generation, an ecommerce store looking to recapture lost sales, or a public figure with a growing fanbase, we have the know-how to build your list and send tactful, timely emails that they want to read.

See email marketing automation in action.

Would you like to see an email welcome series in action? How do we do it for ourselves as an agency? Sign up to our mailing list and see. You’ll receive a welcome series over the next week from our Managing Director, giving away the key intel we usually reserve for new customers. You’ll see how we introduce our brand, give huge free value, and educate on our agency services. And later, you’ll see how we focus broadcast emails on meaningful, insightful messages that make you excited to see us land in your inbox. Try it for yourself; look our for our email signup box as you scroll down this page!

Email Marketing Services.

Email Account Setup

New to email marketing, or looking to migrate platform? We’ll select the right platform to suit your needs, and fully integrate it with your website.

If you have existing lists, we’ll clean them up and migrate to the new platform for a clean handover.

Setting up an email account is more than just importing contacts. We’ll connect to your website, ad platforms, and analytics. We’ll build templates that are on-brand and make it easy to spin up campaigns.

For the more advanced setups, we configure custom tracking to unlock powerful new segments. Imagine how you can customise your message when you know if someone clicked ‘add to cart’, or if they visited your contact pages and abandoned – all of this is possible with custom tracking connected to your email platform.

You’ll have everything handled with a clean rollout plan, complete GDPR compliance, and accurate reporting out-the-box.

Email Automation

The real power of email marketing is when it runs on auto-pilot. We build email automations that handle every step of the customer journey. Your brand will speak to them with the right message, at the right time, to drive real action. Conversion rates from email campaign types are often far higher than the average website conversion rate. Some common email automation examples that we often use include:

  • Welcome series. Introduce your brand, set expectations, and signpost the perfect first step for new leads to take.
  • Checkout abandonment. When they’re about to buy, but life gets in the way… remind them to complete checkout at a 10% conversion rate.
  • Browse abandonment. If someone looks at your product or service but doesn’t contact or add to cart… send a reminder with more detail about the service. This is a bold one, but customisation and thoughtful short messaging can bounce huge numbers back to your site.
  • Post-purchase followup. Capture the positive feeling after you’ve delivered to a customer with a chance to buy more, often with a discount, and bump up your average customer value fast.

Strategic Email Campaign Management

Break out of the boring ‘newsletter’ strategy with a purposeful, goal-driven broadcast strategy.

We’ll build a structure and strategy that sets the tone and frequency for email broadcasts that customers can’t wait to open.

  • Sales emails. Make your big announcements, boost your launch day, or offer a deal. You don’t want to only send sales messaging, but naturally, it’s a cornerstone for driving revenue. The trick is to define a suitable sales message for different segments, so they get the right message to drive action at the right time.
  • Engagement emails. This is where you keep and sustain a relationship with the audience. Engagement emails keep them interested and excited. You’re sending them resources, thought leadership, or even tips and tricks that keeps them with you for the long haul.
  • Segmentation emails. Imagine you have a new product, and want to work out who is interested in hearing more. A cleverly-crafted segmentation email gets the audience to click to confirm their interest, before passing them into a custom sales automation that educates them more.

All of this includes on-going A/B testing and regular reporting, so you can see and share the improving impact email marketing is having with the rest of your business.

Lead Generation

The best way to grow your email list is to put a choice to sign up in front of the people who most want to hear from you.

Most often, this is people who are already exploring your website, where a carefully crafted pop-up offer or embedded form in blog posts can do wonders to stream people into your mailing list.

What others overlook is prompting your fans away from your website. Our paid media service pairs beautifully with email lead generation, by retargeting previous website visitors or social media followers with sign-up forms right inside their social media feeds. Whether it’s a music fan on instagram or a business prospect on LinkedIn, the cost per lead from these channels is incredible value. In many cases, the average value of a welcome series automation more than offsets the cost per lead, giving you a self-funding lead generation machine. Several of our clients are generating thousands of profitable leads per month with this strategy.

GDPR Compliance and Email Deliverability

You don’t need to cut corners to make email marketing work. Worst of all, you could put your business at risk of litigation, or having your emails hit spam folders – which could be hugely disruptive if your day-to-day business email delivery is also impacted.

We make sure your email operation is GDPR compliant, and for corporate clients can even offer legal reviews of privacy policies.

For new email accounts, or after a platform migration, we’ll handle any IP-warming needed against your domain to build trust with the major email platforms and max out your email deliverability.

Email Automation FAQs.

Do you have a question in your search for the best email marketing agency? Check our FAQs, or get in touch with our certified email marketing specialists and we can help.

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