Digital Marketing News: April 2024

Digital Marketing News: April 2024
Digital Marketing News: April 2024
Updates we caught in our internal industry news slack room over the month of April.

Google Ads Updates

Google Ads Introduces Detailed Demographics in Pmax Audience Insights

Google Ads is rolling out detailed demographics in Pmax audience insights, providing granular data on your audience’s age and gender. This can help uncover untapped market segments and tailor your campaigns to resonate with specific demographics. For example, a travel tour company with a traditionally older audience may discover strong interest from younger travellers, prompting an adjustment in promotions.

Budget Pacing Insights: Optimise Your Google Ads Spend

Google Ads is also introducing budget pacing insights to help identify campaign optimisation opportunities. This feature provides real-time spend tracking, showing current and projected spend alongside forecasted conversion performance. Quickly analyse campaign pacing to identify areas for strategic budget shifts, such as reallocating budget from underpacing campaigns to those close to becoming budget limited.

Google Releases ‘Modern Measurement’ Playbook

Google has published a free PDF about Media Effectiveness Measurement (MEM), explaining the different options and best practises for assessing a media mix and how to build out your own MEM strategy.


Facebook Launches Updated Full Screen Video Player

Facebook is launching an updated full screen video player. All videos will now be shown in full screen, whether these videos are Reels, longer videos or live videos. This roll out starts on iOS and Android devices in US and Canada and more globally in the next months.

‘Ads that Click to Subscribe’: A New Way to Reach Customers on Messenger

‘Ads that click to subscribe’ is a new way to reach customers who may be interested in receiving marketing messages from you in Messenger. When you set up ads with the ‘Send marketing messages” template, people who click your ad will see an invitation to opt-in to your marketing messages. You can then send up to one message per day. You can use marketing messages to send information and updates about your content, products and sales/deals. People can opt-out at any time. To set up ‘Ads that click to subscribe’, your Page must have Messenger API set up through a developer partner platform or a direct integration.

Meta Rolls Out Daily Budget Flexibility for New Campaigns

Meta may spend up to 75% over your daily budget for new campaigns. It seems like Meta is now rolling out ‘daily budget flexibility’ to more ad accounts. When you create a new campaign, you may now see a notice about daily budget flexibility. This means that Meta may spend up to 75% over your daily budget, but it won’t spend more than 7 times your daily budget on a weekly basis.

Add Website Links to Your Reminder Ads on Facebook

You can now include a website link when creating a Reminder Ad. When you enable website links for reminder ads, you can add a secondary call to action that opens your website URL after a user sets a reminder. This is a great addition to the current ‘Set Reminder’ CTA.

Threads to Introduce Advertising Later This Year

Threads, Meta’s X/Twitter competitor, is rumoured to be adding advertising later this year. This is likely to be folded into the existing Meta Ads Manager and will give additional options for ad placements alongside Facebook, Instagram and Messenger apps.


ByteDance Faces Pressure to Sell TikTok in the US

Biden has signed a law forcing ByteDance, the Chinese owner of TikTok, to divest within a year or face a ban across the US. TikTok is pursuing legal routes to change course, but may be forced to sell. TikTok is rumoured to be planning not to include its engagement algorithm if it comes to a sale.


X Campaigns to Boost Trust in Brand Safety for Advertisers

X is making senior hires in brand safety, after months of dwindling revenues from an advertiser exodus since Elon Musk’s takeover. Brand safety has been a primary concern for large advertisers on the platform, after some notable retreats last year from companies including Apple. Meanwhile, X has been courting smaller businesses and citing it’s lower CPM rates. Lower delivery costs on X are the result of this lower competition, and means there’s an opportunity for more impressions per pound than other major platforms.
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