Digital Marketing News: June 2024

Digital Marketing News: June 2024
Digital Marketing News: June 2024


Real-Time User Data in Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4’s Realtime report now features a more detailed view of user activity. Users are shown in the last 5 minutes, complete with an improved bar graph, to better illustrate minute-by-minute activity on your site or app. This enhancement helps in understanding user behaviour more accurately, aiding in immediate decision-making.

Improved Attribution Models in GA4

Google is updating its attribution models in GA4 to provide more accurate conversion data for paid search campaigns. This correction aims to fix instances where conversions were incorrectly attributed to organic search, especially in single-page applications (common when a website is built in a JavaScript framework like React).

Enhanced Advertising Segments in GA4

The Advertising section of GA4 now includes details on how many users are eligible for remarketing and ad personalisation. Identifying these advertising segments can help you tailor your campaigns more effectively, ensuring that your marketing efforts reach the right audience.

AI-Powered Insights from Top YouTube Ads

Google AI analysed over 8,000 YouTube ad campaigns to identify key trends and best practices. The study revealed 750 insights per category, offering valuable guidelines for creating effective video ads. Staying informed about these insights can help refine your video marketing strategies. Takeaways include using diverse representation and focusing on connection and community in advertising.

Phasing Out Card Payments

From July 31, Google Ads will no longer accept card payments for high-spending advertisers. They must switch to bank-based payment options such as Monthly Invoicing or Direct Debit. This shift aims to facilitate more scalable and automated payment methods, though it could pose cashflow challenges for some.


Instagram Creator Insights

Instagram is testing a new “Creator Insights” feature that provides a snapshot of account performance over the last 30 days. Brands can easily access metrics like follower growth, accounts reached, and accounts engaged, facilitating more informed collaboration with creators.


Symphony Digital Avatars

TikTok introduces Symphony Digital Avatars to help brands and creators produce compelling content. The avatars, powered by AI, can represent real people and offer a range of gestures, expressions, and languages. This feature aims to make branded content more engaging and human-like.

AI Dubbing for Global Reach

To break language barriers, TikTok’s Symphony AI Dubbing tool translates content into 10+ languages. This allows creators to reach and resonate with global audiences more effectively, making their marketing efforts more inclusive.

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