Case Study

Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé

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    Paid Media
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Maximise box office sales with digital marketing for Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé

How we did it.

  • Develop a paid media strategy for film release in global territories
  • Identifying and segmenting audiences to balance ad delivery between different levels of fandom
  • Custom tracking for real-time international reporting
  • Targeted geographic delivery within drive time of cinema sites worldwide
  • Timely and diverse retargeting automation to stay present while minimising ad fatigue


  • First movie in two decades to cross $20 million opening on a Thanksgiving weekend
  • Hundreds of millions of impressions to targeted audiences worldwide
  • Millions of clicks at an incredible average cost per click of $0.07 each
  • Hundreds of thousands of ticket checkouts at extraordinary multiples on ad spend
  • Tens of millions of post engagements across Instagram, Facebook and TikTok on ads alone
  • Millions of trailer views on YouTube at an average cost per view of $0.01


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"Renaissance defied the odds ... it’s the first time a film has opened over $20m on this weekend in 20 years"

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