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Technical SEO Audit.

Give your website a solid foundation with our technical SEO audit

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What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the foundation of all SEO work that follows. This is the art of allowing Google and Bing search bots to freely “crawl” and understand your website.

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How do we do it?.

We collaborate with and guide your exisiting developers to get the job done. And if you’ve ever wanted a second opinion on your web agency, we're a rare team who don't sell websites - our interest is in your website having a fantastic technical SEO foundation. Our audit, and guiding your developers the right way, will get the best from your investment in a website.

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1What you get

Here's what you can expect back in a clean online folder of deliverables:

  • Prioritised action list with issues ranked by importance, with a brief outline of the solution. Each item is tagged to the most suitable team to fix it, with estimated difficulty to help with planning resources.
  • Complete “For Dummies” report explaining what we’ve found, in simple terms, as a useful reference for yourselves or any future partners so it’s easy to communicate the problems and what to do about them.
  • We fix quick wins as we go along, where possible, and save any remaining time to help you and your partners implement fixes later.




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