Improve Your Conversion Rate

Improve Your Conversion Rate

Worried your conversion rate is low? Turn clicks into conversions with our simple consulting solution to improve your conversion rate.

The problem with your sales

You’re a business manager or marketer. You’re trying to grow a business by improving the conversion rate of your website. But you’re worried your conversion rate is pretty low. Maybe you are:
  • Seeing a drop in conversion rates due to higher competition
  • Getting plenty of traffic, but something is really flawed in the chain somewhere
  • Losing money on paid advertising, especially when you’re going for volume
  • Haven’t made a single sale in the past few days, weeks or months!
So you Google how to increase your conversion rate, but it’s all superficial blog posts about building landing pages, trying to fool you with industry tricks. Let me tell you, there’s a lot more to conversion than optimising a landing page. The entry-level tactics you find online will leave you losing money and losing valuable insight into what the customer really responds to. What you need is to know what would improve your website and conversion rate. A clear and profitable action list of what to change or fix to your existing website that has been totally botched before.

Translate those clicks into conversions

Imagine looking around for ideas to increase your conversions.
“What are some steps I can take to raise my conversion rate? What could I be doing better?”
Then poof, a list of great ideas land in your lap with things you can do to start gaining traction. The thing is, they’re actually great ideas. The kind you would have never thought of. These ideas form a strategy to help you build your online store. You make more money as a result of applying these lessons. The US average conversion rate is 2.4-3%. Are you average? Below average? It doesn’t matter, because with this list, you know what steps you can take to raise your conversion rate. The higher your conversion rate, the faster your business will grow. Imagine if your conversions got up to 8-10%. You can get very aggressive and competitive with advertising at these rates.

The easy way to improve your conversion rate

The fact is, you’ve got a decent amount of visitors, and it’s time to optimise. We’re going to run quality, meaningful experiments on your website that support business goals. A list of profitable actions that will boost your conversion rate, starting with the lowest hanging fruit. You want that list to contain every opportunity available, and to include statistical evidence that demonstrates its financial potential. That way, you can start with the most cost-effective and affordable actions, and can be confident you will make a dramatic return on investment sooner.

How we do it

A deep Google Analytics audit and health check, while setting up extra research tools that show you how real people use your website. The resulting plan for improvement is presented in a report which identifies each problem, offers practical solutions, and is packed with insights about how your visitors really behave — and what makes them stay! Every potential leak point and the value being lost is clear and proven, and as a team we make a plan of action that means your sales, average transaction value and profitability will grow. Can you afford to keep losing business, or are you ready to grow? We have limited space and only work with select clients who are capable of dramatic growth. Get a free consultation We’ll start with a free phone consultation to answer your questions, explain the process and see if we’re a good match to get started. If we’re a good match, our service comes with a cast-iron guarantee that you’ll make a minimum of 5x return on your investment in your first year – or your money back.

Frequently asked questions

What if you can’t find actions worth taking?

You get a 100% refund on the price of your analytics audit. I only take on projects that I believe have the volume of traffic and revenue to find profitable gains. To date, I have always found value that dramatically outweighs the price of this audit and any resulting retainer.

What if I don’t have time to work on this project with you?

I can work entirely alone on this project, or I can work directly with you on weekly calls to discuss progress. Think of me as your in-house growth team. I’ll manage and lead the project, or I’ll support and inform you so you can forge the path ahead.

What if the data is somehow wrong?

That’s why I run a health check on your data before starting. You might be double-tracking data on parts of your site with an incorrectly installed code, you might be missing valuable demographic information, your goal tracking might be set up wrong… I check it’s all in place so we’re both 100% sure that the resulting actions are accurate and profitable.

What if the resulting actions are too expensive to implement?

Those actions don’t even make it to the list. If I find a change which could make another £10k in 3 months, but it costs £15k (unlikely, but let’s go with it), this doesn’t even make it to the list. I’ve worked with developers at every size website imaginable, and a confident developer myself, so I’ve got a great understanding of the approximate cost of any action. To get on my list, it has to offer a substantial return on investment. Get a free 1hr consultation
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