How Facebook Retargeting Multiplies Your ROI

How Facebook Retargeting Multiplies Your ROI

If someone leaves your website without buying, have you lost them forever?

Facebook retargeting is a new way to capture those visitors and extra sales, with a stunning impact on marketing ROI.

We all work to get visitors on our website. Some buy, some give us their email… but most of the time those visitors close the tab and move on. This is a lost opportunity. After all that investment in website design, blog content, SEO and paid advertising, we want the biggest possible return. Even if you’re making a reasonable ROI, some of that lost traffic might have also become a customer if the timing was right. How can we get a ‘hook’ into these visitors, even if they merely browse our website?

Facebook Retargeting Ads

There is a way to reach these visitors again, called ‘retargeting’. Retargeting lets us advertise to people who we know have been on our website – or better yet, that have looked at specific service or product pages! And best of all, the ad spend is tiny compared to cold advertising. You’re targeting a smaller audience, but one that knows and recognises you. The conversion rate is spectacularly high compared to other channels. It turns out that a lot of the people who leave a website the first time around just happened to be busy, or were out on their mobile phones, or had some other reason that they couldn’t act instantly. But life is busy, and sometimes we forget to go back. Retargeting puts your offer straight back in front of your warmest leads, for a low price, and turns lost traffic into a business asset rather than letting visitors disappear into thin air.

How we set up a ‘Facebook Retargeting Pixel’

We’re a digital marketing company who specialises in retargeting campaigns. All we do is drop a code onto your website, usually from Facebook and Google (our favourite ad networks). From there we can build any audience we want. We could build buckets for…
  • All website visitors
  • All website visitors
  • Visitors or each main service page
  • Visitors who went to a checkout but didn’t complete payment
  • People who did complete payment, to upsell new products!
What would you say to these people if they left your site? That’s your retargeting message. We could ask service page visitors if they still have that problem they wanted to solve… We could remind people that there are still items in their cart… The important thing is that we now have a way to reach them, instead of losing them forever. And in turn, we boost the ROI from every other marketing investment. Learn about our Facebook marketing services here.

Example Facebook Retargeting Ad Funnel

One really effective use we’ve found for retargeting is when you have access to a content or PR team. (We can arrange this for you, by the way!) Let’s say you have a PR company developing awareness for a technology product. We can build an ad funnel with retargeting in mind like this:
  1. PR company writes blog post for your website talking about a specific pain that this audience has, and how your product can solve it. It’s so targeted that only your target audience would bother reading it.
  2. We advertise this blog post to the audience in Facebook. It doesn’t look like an ad. Instead, it looks like useful valuable content.
  3. Visitors to this page are effectively declaring themselves to have this problem. Now we have a super targeted audience!
  4. We build a retargeting audience for visitors to this page, and usually exclude people who completed a purchase so we are only targeting people who still want to buy.
  5. We run a specific offer ad to this retargeting audience and call for them to act now. We make sure these people only see the ad for a limited time, maybe 7-14 days, and a maximum of 2-4 times. If you ever feel followed by an ad, it’s because the marketers didn’t set rules like this.
We can even retarget people who interact with you on Facebook. From people who like and share your posts, to people who watch a certain length of your video… there’s lots of ways to recapture people and get more from all your other marketing investments. Retargeting multiplies your ROI and should be done promptly to avoid losing customers.

How to get started with retargeting right now

If you want retargeting on your website, act fast so you can start collecting visitors instead of losing them.
  1. Meet Tom at Digital Marketing Specialist to discuss your goals and audience
  2. We install the code to your site and build audiences that are warm and hot leads
  3. We build campaigns to test these audiences and capture the sale
Call us now to discuss how we can get started on your retargeting setup now! Book a free consultation Or if you want to learn more, read about our Facebook marketing services.
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